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Artist at work: Om1kron

Long time colleague and brilliant Artist Om1kron is doing what he usually does which is create some of the most brilliant looking artwork anywhere on the web. For all us lay people who’s only creative artistic outlet is doodling on napkins while waiting for our Big Macs to be ready at McDonalds, and wondering why doesnt our art look as good? This time , what he has so graciously decided to do is to film a video of him completing an outstanding picture of our childhood favorite the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wayne, combines catchy electronic beats with colorful and informative commentary as to exactly what and why he is doing each step as he carefully colors each bit using his wacom tablet. It is truly mesmerizing to watch, so if you ever liked to watch Commander Mark as a kid or just love to see art in progress then sit back and watch a master work

part 1