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Short film of the week: Shadow

Caught this beatifully shot short film over at dvxuser and it manages to quickly grab you with its visual style and ambiance.

Director Francis Laliberte says of the film
“Rob smudges to cleanse his mind and soul and it leads to something much more. He must confront the shadow of his past.”

Check it out.



Dropped: a jonE5 film

Dropped: A short film i wrote and directed earlier this year.

The story of Robby a student who drops out of College, and meets a girl he jokingly tells he is a professor. When Sara takes the joke to be serious, how far will Robby take it to impress her?

Shot with the Canon 60D and T2i + tamron 17-50mm 2.8. Various Led lite panels were used, sound recorded to zoom h4n and rode videomic. Audio is still being tweaked.

Please give me any feedback you can.



Short film of the week: The Think Tank

Came across this unique short film and was amazed. I don’t want to ruin much of the plot, so just check it out.

Written and directed by Peter Calloway. Produced by Jon Deiner. Starring Matthew Rhys.

Short film of the Week: Stop

Caught this over at cinema5D. Mikel J. Wisler creates a short but solid sci-fi short film. It keeps you intrigued and has some interesting shots throughout. The writer director describes the film as …

One scientist’s experiments are about to take an unexpected turn.

Take a look.

Short film of the week: Peter Falk is Back!

This is a quick and funny short film and just goes to show that a great actor (or in this case voice actor) can really add so much to your piece. Piotr Walczuk is so good that i was really taken a back a little at just how much of a difference it was making in keeping me engaged with the film.

The film is technically decent, but this just proves the point that if you can manage to get good actors for your projects it will pay dividends in the final product.

So stay tuned for the tale of a young man who becomes in touch with his inner Falk.

Short Film of the Week: En Route

Short films and special effects tend to have a hard time coexisting. Either the effects arent as good as they should be to tell the story, or you get someone so excited about their effects talent that it either detracts from the story or there just isnt enough story at all. The makers of this great film En Route, use CGi as a way to tell a story that a few years ago simply would not have been possible without a big budget. Check this out and observe a beautiful story told with the help of some very talented individuals.

Short film of the Week: Yo Soy un Hombre Loco

One thing that can separate most indie films from big budget ones is action. Big budgets have fight choreographers, stunt men, martial artists, etc… so naturally its extremely difficult to achieve anything that looks remotely as good as a true action movie on an indie budget, that is unless you are the guys at LBP Stunts Chicago. This is probably the best example of fight and action i have ever seen in an indie film, and hell they nail it better than some big budget movies. Whats better? They actually great a very visually captivating story that is punctuated by beautifully done fits of violence. Going to have a fight scene in your indie film? This is what you should be aiming at.

“A renegade assassin aspires to be the best in the league, but he must first defeat number one..”