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Playing for Keeps

I have been neglecting this blog for some time as work and other family issues have taken precidence but I hope to at least talk briefly on a regular basis now on the movies i have seen if not talking about any movies I am currently working on (which hopefully will be soon).

I do not usually take the time to talk about movies I dont like, but I just had to in this case.  The movie Playing for keeps is one of the first movies I have seen in a very long time.  The biggest problem with this movie isnt just that the writing, concept and overall story is bad, its that every single character in this movie is unlikable.

Gerard Butler is a guy that is so likeable that in 300 that even as he lusts for war, and kills countless persian warriors his speeches to his fellow Spartans have the inspiring qualities of a young Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  

They actually manage to make a dead beat dad out of this guy, and treat the basics of being a parent as if its some rare discovery that eludes him because he is some sort of simpleton.  

Jessica Biel is cold, one dimensional, and after many years of being apart we are to believe that her lack of emotion and personality has some how beckoned an unlikable Gerard Butler like the sirens song.

The boy, who plays the son is actually a decent actor, but his character is so awful as well, that I actually found myself hating this kid.  He whines, he shuts down, he tries to quit soccer creating an obstacle for the father to overcome which he basically does after telling him “look your old man is a great soccer, so you should be too”

Uma Thurman and Dennis Quaid show up as reprehensible and utterly boring plot devices that add absolutely nothing and are both just as mysteriously and boringly present as the main characters.

Catherine Zeta Jones serves no purpose.

The only character you dont hate, is the fiancee of Jessica Biel who gets dumped after being a supportive partner and father to this kid, dumped seemingly on a whim because every person in this movie is a self serving characature so thin they may as well have used life size card board cutouts of actors on screen instead of the actual actors.  It would have made little difference.

If you were on the fence about this movie, do not see it.