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Man recieves Bionic hand (footage shots with a 7D)

Ever since working for several years in the NASA Automations and Robotics lab I have always been fascinated with the concept of bionic/ robotic limb replacements. Afterall the ROBONAUT hand that I worked on is the most dexterous hand in the world, able to manipulate the tinyiest of objects, and ever since day one more than ten years ago I have wondered when we will finally be able to adapt this technology to help those who have been in accidents or for other reasons have lost functionality in their limbs.

Here is a short video of just such a thing that i caught over at Cinema5D, that was aired on the BBC

Some of the details

An Austrian resident has chosen to have his dysfunctional hand cut off so that it can be replaced with a bionic limb. It’s the work of a Vienna-based surgeon who believes elective amputation and what he calls “bionic reconstruction” can offer certain patients with traumatic injuries the best hope of regaining bodily function.

Camera: Canon 7d
Lenses: Canon 17-55 f2.8, Tokina 11-16 f2.8, Canon 70-200 f4.0
Audio: Tascam DR-100 recorder, Sennheiser G2 EW100 wireless system, Sanken Lav mic, Cos 11D
Rig: Vocas
Electronic VF: Cineroid
Tripod: Sachtler DV8 SB
Light: Litepanel 1×1, Viso PH 5502 (kino style)
Editing: Adobe Premiere CS2 with Cineform Neo4k
Color correction: Cineform “FirstLight”


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