A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Short film of the week: The Board

Rising Indie star FCrabbath does it again, this time with a 48 hour festival submission called the Board. After watching this and letting it soak in, he again as usually has very nicely composed shots and pretty much nails all the technical stuff, but more impressive he manages to weave a complex and captivating story in such a short amount of time. I have been considering entering a festival of this length for a while, and I would hope that my advantage would be writing since I have a stronger background in that, at the same time just knowing teams like this are out there, makes us all want to raise the bar a little. Not to mention the fact that I love any story that can successfully weave chess into it.

The story follows a man who is caring for his ailing wife, and the lengths he is willing to go to keep her with him.

The director notes

Our objective was to use this line ” That guy’s an abuser, a loser, a boozer, and a user.” To prove it’s not old footage, and the genre was “Hitman”. Anyways we got the whole thing done in 40 hours with 8 hours to spare in case the render or upload goes wrong! Hopefully they don’t notice the minor mistakes! Enjoy!


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