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Short film of the week: Diary of a Salesman

Caught this short film over at DVX user and was amazed at film maker Dennis G’s clever and witty writing as well as beautiful shots. What’s perhaps even more impressive is that this was his FIRST short film! I don’t know to many people that can hit the ground running like this. Ive made about a dozen films, but struggle to find a real showpiece that this film is. Part of the quality comes from the patience in doing things right as he took a year to complete the film. Check it out. The film maker writes

Michael is a salesman willing to use any tactic to close the deal. When the rush of seducing customers begins to fade and sales falter, he must consider his past and remember what is important in life.

You can also check out the films website here

One response

  1. Thank you very much for putting my short film on your site. My intention when i decided to make it was to create something professional with 0 budget.

    The whole film was shot on a Pentax kx DSLR camera with the help of many good friends who served as actors.

    I think the hardest tasks that i had to face while making this short were playing the lead as well as directing – which is hard because i didn’t have control over the camera.

    Also dealing with sound and recording it properly – Something that i would do better for the next time.

    Thank you

    March 26, 2011 at 3:23 pm

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