A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Short film of the Week: The Bridge

I have been following this project by up and coming director/CGI artist Marlon Torres for some time now. From his very first CGI test shots, and footage test stills I knew something special was going to be coming from his epic DSLR shot project a WWII set story called The Bridge about a young man who is dreaming of finally being reunited with his sweet heart and unborn child.

With this lengthy short (30 mins), Marlon has proven not only that he is a true artist, but proven to the world just how film like and beautiful DSLR shot footage can be. This was shot 75% with a Canon 7D and the rest with a 5DMKII. You can read his great notes on realizing this dream of his and the joys and trials he encountered in the info section of this video. I was lucky enough to catch this during his screening period, and wow less than a month later it has blown up and been featured on Vimeo and is quickly flying around the net.

Catch this as quickly as you can.


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