A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Shooting on the Red One Camera

You can see DP Larry McKee in the lower right here instructing the G&E crew where to move lights.

Our director Molly here with one of the talent.

The Red One Camera

Shooting with the Red was an amazing experience. Our CGI guy Taylor got to be 1st AC so he was the only one to really get to operate the camera aside from the DP, i did get to touch it a few times, and got to help with setting up and tearing down, but for most of the actual shoot i was monitoring sound.

The camera is amazing, but wow the workflow is pretty intense. Each 8GB card he was rolling on only held 5 mins worth of footage. So we were constantly swapping out cards, and we had a dedicated guy assigned to just pulling footage. (4k, 4x the resolution of 1080p HD makes for some pretty large files!)

What was perhaps even more impressive than the camera was DP Larry McKee himself. Wow, what a consumate professional. His attention to detail and meticulous nature was amazing to behold. I htink it was close to 3 hours before we shot our first shot, getting lights etc… all perfect. (our lighting crew did blow a circuit by overloading one wall so that did cost us about 40 mins). All together i was there from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

He came packing all sorts of awesome light meters, and other cool gadgets, i was amazed at the difference in how the shots looked by the time we were ready to roll.

We basically got several thousand dollars worth of his work on a favor. Learned a ton and was able to talk shop with him some, really cool guy. From what I understand thats not even a lot compared to other local DP’s.

This was the night we also had a professional actor comming in to shoot the scene with one of our actors. Paul, was a really cool guy with a welsh sort of UK accent, and an amazing actor. He was really excited to see my 7D and asked me a ton of questions (i was shooting some BTS material with it).

Shooting for my film (which is going to be shot on an HVX200 with 35mm adapter) starts tommorrow.

Funny thing, our director showed us this video after working with him that a friend/client made about him. Its totally spot on, the guy needed soda and candy on set, so we had to send someone out through torrential rain storms to find some. Another local director was there to observe and check out our talent as hes currently casting, and our director acutally sent him out to find the candy, lol. The Larry McKee is a little eccentric in that way but totally worth it.

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