A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Short film of the week: Ringers

I ran across this short recently and was really inspired. A canon 5DMK II shooter decided to momentarily put down all his fancy technology and go old school shooting on 16mm and other film stocks to achieve a really incredible look. It’s most definetly a noir film and it reminds me a lot of the notable french noir Breathless. the style of this is spot on for the genre, and if it werent for the use of cell phones in some of the shots, you could easily swear this was shot 50 years ago. Kinda cool to see that the old tools are still a viable option in the right hands.

Some details about the production from Mike Kobals blog say

Dikayl has been shooting with the Canon 5D2 since its introduction. Dikayl: ” This film was shot on 35,s16, and 16mm. Ilford stock. The ending shot was composited from color stock using blue screen and a background plate shot from the Bay bridge,CA. Subway sequence was created from several locations and a train set peice. *Oh, and we waited two days for the pigeons…”


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