A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Short film of the week: MAX

I recently caught this awesome short film on cinema5D and its really a fun short done by Jean-Michel Tari. Its about 12.5 mins in length about a very arrogant, abrasive and rude guy named Max. He is sent on a simple errand to go pick up some photos, when things start to unravel.

This was shot on the 7D, and amazingly in only 1 DAY! Wow, such a long film for only 1 day of shooting. The look he achieves is really professional looking, and some good writing as well. Its in french with english subtitles.

He had some really nice glass for this to
Canon EF 24mm USM II 1.4 / Zeiss ZE 50mm 1.4 / Zeiss ZE 85mm 1.4

check it out here (be sure and watch it in HD)


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