A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

To 7D or not to 7D?

I desperately want Canons latest fray into video DSLR’s the 7D. It can take incredible footage in 1080p along with having full manual control over its features (unlike my current D90)


To give you an idea of how awesome it is, George Lucas invited Phillip Bloom to come out to Skywalker Ranch and shoot some footage with it (and the 5DMKII), to screen on a 40 foot screen to see how good the footage was, since he is thinking of using it in some future projects. (For shots where the full size HD cameras just cant fit, or work well) Q. Tarantino happend to be at Skywalker Ranch for something else, so he also saw the footage. For more details you can read about it on his blog here

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