A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

Netflix is awesome

I had Netflix back in the day a few years ago. When blockbuster announced their deal though where it was essentially the same service BUT you could exchange the movies in store I found that to be a better deal so I switched. Over the past year or so though, Blockbuster service has slowed mail in wise and they imposed a 5 in store exchange limit (while keeping the prices the same). Now that Netflix has an online view instantly service at no extra cost i finally switched.

I signed up thursday and within less than 5 minutes i was already watching movies. Id read different acconts about the selection but to a movie freak like me its the greatest thing since sliced gps phone service.

I had been wanting to watch the original Die Hard again for about 4 months but could never find it in store at BB. I was watching it instantly right then and there.

I watched several movies I had never seen but had been meaning to watch (this was the perfect weekend for this service since my gf was sick and we were stuck at home)
– SLC Punk
– Wall Street
– Nick and Noras Infinite Playlist
– Rebel without a Cause
– Phoebe in Wonderland (i had actually never heard of this but it was pretty good)

And some things i love but just wanted to watch again
– Primer (awesome, AWESOME indie sci-fi flick)
– Say Anything
– 1st Episode of Voltron
– 1st season episode of Quantam Leap

If anyone is on the fence about this I say get it if you are even remotely interested in movies I say this is a must have service. I have already just by some brief browsing upped my instant watch que to 56 movies and im sure it will continue to grow.

Its such a cool feeling to just click on a button and watch. My laptop has an HDMI port so i can watch it in any tv in the house just by plugging it in.

I remember years ago reading about speculation that this technology would exist and at the time (about 5 years ago), i couldn’t really wrap my mind around it. I couldnt fathom how people would never own physical media like movies anymore, but the future is now and I am a firm believer.


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