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Do you hold scary movies to a different (lower) standard?

I’ve been watching a decent amount of Scary Movies Lately. Dont get me wrong i like a good scary movie, but as far as quality film goes there are really only a handful of good examples of the genre.

Id say there are a few given GREAT scary movies. The Shinning, Psycho, Dawn of the Dead, and Poltergeist. Some might say that The Blair Witch Project belongs here because of its originality but even that is up for strong debate.

Then there is a sub category of GOOD scary movies. This is where films like 28 Days later, Dracula (which is really almost more of a drama), The Omen, An American Werewolf in London, and maybe The Fly?

At the bottom is just the every day simple formula slasher, make you jump flick. Ill give three current examples of this simplistic formula.

The Unborn, The Uninvited, and Friday the 13th (remake).

The Unborn is a simplistic basic story that contains cliche’s, plot holes, definetly not the greatest of acting (despite a rather flat performance by Gary Oldman), and certainly not the best writing. But overall i still enjoyed it. It still scared me on some level. Its almost like the same way a comedy just hast to make you laugh rather than always being some Woody Allen Acadamy Award monster, all a scary movie really has to do is startle you a few times, and give you an overall eerie feeling.

The Uninvited is also a very basic film. This one contains slightly better chemistry amoung the players, but really isnt all that significant at all until towards the end when you do get pleasantly surprised for sticking with it.

Lastly, Friday the Thirteenth is the lowest of hte low. Its not really anything new at all, its the same very basic formula of stupid attractive teenagers that are in the woods acting stupid and getting slashed up by Jason. Its the poorest in terms of acting, writing, and any sort of plot but you do at least get a few moments of on the edge of your seat urging the characters to run, or not to go into that abandoned shed. Ultimately i was dissapointed by this film, but I didnt hate it the same way i would have if it would have been any other genre.

So do we hold horror to a different and lower standard? Is this because we want to be scared? Or is it just because we are so used to the relatively lackluster efforts of hollywood to put out any meaningful work in the genre?


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