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The Hair – Shooting scheduled

I have our current footage edited together loosely. Its about 5 min run time so far (i plan to make additional cuts eventually) but this was mostly to see where the fill shots need to be placed. Looks pretty good so far.

I got another couple of lights from Walmart (one of those clamp lights with the silver dome), and i modified my orange light on a powercord so that the orange will not show through by coating it with foil.) So 3 point lighting is not possible on the cheap.

My system is comprised of

Ikea Lamp – $15
Clamp Light – $6.97
Light on rope $8.00
Florescent energy saving bulbs (100 w equivalent in key light, 75 in fill, and 40w in back light)

Shooting is scheduled for Thursday, we still need someone to record the monologue, hopefully we can still get Steven to do it.


One response

  1. jone5films

    Footage was completed. I am currently finishing up editing. I still have the task of scoring the piece and selecting someone and recording the voice monologue. At least i have a mic now, but not sure how well it will turn out now that we lost Stephen.

    June 23, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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