A beginners adventure into film from an audience member to behind the camera

The Hair Project started

We started filming the Hair this week. Learned a lot so far.

– Some types of florescent lights have a high frequency flicker that mess with shots.
-Steai-cams are really hard to use.
-Shooting a party scene is extremely difficult because the people hanging out are constantly distracting the actors.

Id say shooting is about 80% done so far.  Ive started editing and I have mostly everything where I want it.  I have a cheap mic and tested it out and it works good enough i think.  I need to record the monologue, we have a guy set to do it, but not sure how long he will be around, so we might have to find someone else.

Microsoft Movie maker is working for most of what i want to do, but layering both a monologue and background music seems to be proving impossible so far.

If anyone knows a better software to recommend let me know.  Thinking of using Sony Vegas or Adobe premiere.  I also have access to a Mac G4 that i could try to get final cut for, but it seems to be dying so not sure I want to even try it.


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